The Presidents Club

Hubbell wanted to eliminate all other branded programs and focus their efforts on a limited few. They decided to enhance the previous League of Champions, and create a new more exciting program. Hubbell Lighting wanted to consolidate their programs and give away one large incentive rather than multiple small incentives across multiple brands. In doing so they decided that the Alliance program was the most effective program to promote. They wanted to create mystique and showcase this program as an exclusive opportunity for only the few top performers. They wanted to create a sense of old world elitism, all the while allowing everyone an opportunity to vie for the same reward.

Explore – Understanding what drove these agents to success was key to the uptake of this lavish program. With a little research we uncovered their wives to be a key influencer as well

Think – With this information we thought of a way to entice both the husband and the wife. We were challenged with creating an enticing yearlong program. It had to be luxurious enough to grab the wives attention, yet communicate the standings so the Agents knew what they had to do to be included.

Create –

Formal invitations

Program introduction

High-end luxury trip brochure

Monthly high-end site-specific brochures

Results pages