Yes, most markets are down 40%.

Looking at that staggering number with a glass half-full perspective means focusing on the 6 out of 10 consumers that are still purchasing. The noticeable downsize in the economy also means that there is a downsize in your competition. Now is the time to realize that with the elimination of all the noise, if you stay visible in the marketplace, you will most certainly gain market share and mindshare.

This new marketplace, however daunting, can be navigated by focusing on half-full. It just takes a little smart thinking and ingenuity. It is in our DNA to do just that. You have very real business targets to reach, and we believe in finding more compelling ways to help you get there. Marketing smarter is a choice.

Understanding your consumers converts directly into sales. But understanding your consumer takes time and effort. Thankfully, this is where Agency-Z excels. Knowledge is golden, and we do the work to know exactly who you need to be talking to, and then follow up with a smart, creative way to reach them.

We are fueled with ideas, a torch, and a plan.

Direct mail campaign too expensive?Email campaign can be more effective with a focused enticing message.
Paid media space can be replaced with a well-planned public relations effort.
Trade shows can consume large cash reserves, while speaking engagements are 70% more convincing.
Print collateral often times does end up on the wrong desk but a PDF library reaches the right person everytime.
On site sales meetings are tough to justify but a virtual sales meeting can communicate what is vital.
Plant tours are tough to make time for but a Video tour can be taken anytime from anyplace.
Lunch and learns can reach a limited number while a Webinar can simultaneously reach all the stakeholders.