GreenWise Sustainability Initiative

At the insistence of Agency Z, manufacturer Hubbell Lighting, Inc. decided to formulate a campaign to inform the commercial market that sustainable lighting solutions can save building owners piles of cash on energy costs. Statistics showed that 80% of commercial properties employed lighting systems that are 20 years old or older. So going green made sense for the manufacturer’s bottom line as well. Agency Z and Hubbell Lighting collaborated to brand the initiative GreenWise and categorize the company’s sustainable solution per vertical market to ease the sales process. Agency Z produced insightful brochures for the healthcare, warehouse, government, school and office markets. Additionally, trade advertising and a microsite engaged and informed sales agents and consumers about the benefits of sustainable lighting solutions. Hubbell launched the initiative at their 2008 sales meeting which was conducted remotely via DVD in an effort to lessen the meeting’s carbon footprint.

Initiative name
Branded look and feel
Vertical market brochures
Interactive microsite
DVD message from President
Branded DVD covers for 18 lighting brands
Sales information kit