Branding and Platform Launch

Explore – Columbia Lighting, a brand of Hubbell Lighting, manufactures a comprehensive lineup of fixtures featuring commodity, specification and custom products for commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Its century of producing fluorescent parabolic troffers, lensed troffers, recessed/indirects, industrials, strips, wraps and linear hi-bays left the internal and external perception of the brand a little stale. Additionally, Columbia’s recent acquisition by Hubbell and move from Spokane to Greenville left the company with a problem-riddled reputation. The veteran lighting brand charged Agency-Z with revitalizing the brand and giving it a modern direction.

Think – Agency-Z conducted primary and secondary research about Columbia to arrive at the internal and external impressions of the brand and market opportunities. To give the brand a true picture of who they were and who they wanted to be, Agency-Z assembled a team representative of all the roles within the Columbia brand for a brand envisioning session.

Create – Agency-Z developed a strategic directive for the brand based on to serve the greater good by offering environmentally-friendly products. The brand platform created gave Columbia new positioning, brand values, messaging and graphic personality. Tactics included a website, brochures, a PowerPoint template and booth graphics for a six-city road show to launch the new brand. Columbia incited its employees, sales agents and customers to CreateChangeTM. The new brand platform gave the product designers new enthusiasm for creating energy efficient products. The same vibrant, socially responsible attitude resonated throughout the six-city brand launch road show, effectively communicating Columbia’s commitment to address the market’s need for energy efficient products and create change. A road show and website communicated the rally cry nationally and globally.


Brand Envisioning Session

Branded look and feel

Product brochure series