Track – Winder, GA

Unit Speedway

R/C Off-Road Track. First race scheduled for 7/14/2012. Everything is in place, WATER for track, Power, Driver Stand, Pit Road

600 Atlanta Hwy NW
Winder, Ga. 30680
(770) 791-0004

[quote author=”FROM RCTECH BOARD ABOUT TRACK” type=”simple”]Went and checked it out yesterday. No water and was like an ice-skating rink (of course not knowing ,my setup sucked). Some water was being applied via hose but it dried-up pretty quickly. I’m just putting my thoughts out there. Mike said that’s what they want. Just my observations, not knocking any of the hard-work. Any new track needs tweeking. It seems to be more geared/suited towards 1/8 scale. No place for many marshals to stand so a lot of running across the track, not a good thing. The jumps, especially the twin doubles in front of the drivers stand are wayyyyy too big for 10th. Make them tabletops. Little too busy for my liking- The edging needs to be broken-up some. Too much black-pipe out there.[/quote]


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