Reds Racing

We have been working with Reds Racing for 2 years. We have accomplished some fantastic things with the brand – on many levels. We are excited about what is in the pipeline for 2018.

Reds Racing

There are a variety of ways an RC company can reach out with information about a brand. We can help with any deliverable, and the message it needs to communicate. Event sponsorship opportunities, product branding graphics, and even traditional printed pieces will help you communicate what is awesome about your brand.

Product Design

The last couple seasons we have been lucky to create graphics for a variety of the REDS Racing products. This collaborative effort with the Italian manufacturer ends up in a great spot – time after time. One of the motors was manufactured specifically for the World Championship in 2016. We utilized a variety of visual cues from the host city, Las Vegas for the design.


Capitalizing and reinforcing the strength of the brand, merchandising options will allow passionate users to communicate loudly and clearly what products they prefer. 

Print Materials

From time to time a printed piece makes a great reference tool to have. Although the availability of information via smartphone has replaced most print work, there are still packaging considerations and a few places print work is required.

Social Media

Facebook likes, video shares and twitter follows seem to be the measurement of success in most minds. We work hard on our deliverables to this market to keep the communication wheels turning.